The Humanitarian Archetype

Primary trait: enterprising, secondary trait:

Humanitarians are natural leaders and thrive in interactive environments. They are energetic, confident and drawn to social causes. Their entrepreneurial spirit makes them masters of mobilizing people for a good cause. They are driven to lead and care deeply about the people around them.

Humanitarian holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Humanitarians are outgoing, social, energetic, and optimistic. They enjoy launching projects, working with others, understanding how people are feeling, and generally concerning themselves with the welfare of others. Humanitarians are often charismatic.  People find them very captivating as they are good with words and tend to be very compassionate. Whenever Humanitarians are working on a project, it's usually concerned with the betterment of others.

Things they can watch out for

While Humanitarians tend to be naturals when it comes to working with or leading other people, they can run into problems when they must work on tasks totally independently. Humanitarians gravitate towards social activities, and they sometimes avoid work that takes long periods of intellectual effort, which they can see as lacking action. They may also prefer to avoid physical work, which they often feel is not one of their stronger suits.