The Guardian Archetype

Primary trait: , secondary trait: conventional

Guardians love helping people. They have a natural ability to work with others, but also find time to work in solitude where they are able to organize their thoughts with detail-oriented tasks. Accuracy paired with helpful support makes the Guardian an excellent support system to turn to.

Guardian holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Guardians are kind, patient, and empathetic and often have a strong preference for organized, methodical tasks. They are often hardworking people that enjoy social interaction and building strong relationships. They are dependable and organized. Guardians are generally quite loyal people, and they like when they can be of value to someone in need. They like to plan things that will be enjoyable experiences for others.

Things they can watch out for

Guardians perform well when they have set tasks to complete, but can struggle to define the tasks in the role of leader. They feel most comfortable when they are part of a support system. While this makes them extremely hard working, they are also natural people-pleasers and have a tendency to say yes to most requests. In some cases, this means taking on more work than they can realistically finish within certain time constraints.