Careers for Stay at Home Moms

Here are some profitable work-at-home jobs that can easily fit into a stay-at-home mom's schedule. Best of all, moms can do these jobs from the comfort of their home office and some even in their PJs.

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1. Author

Author Author


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Are you naturally inclined to think creatively?

2. Craft Artist

Craft Artist Craft Artist

Craft Artist

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Do you love working with your hands?

3. Seamstress

Seamstress Seamstress


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A seamstress is a woman who makes her living in the sewing trade, or a female version of a tailor.

4. Engraver

Engraver Engraver


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An engraver is an artist that etches specific designs, words, and even images onto different types of materials.

5. Potter

Potter Potter


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A potter, or pottery maker, is a craft artist who uses their artistic talents to create pots, dishes, mugs, vases, and other types of artwork.

6. Cake Designer

Cake Designer Cake Designer

Cake Designer

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Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, and special occasions.

7. Lyricist

Lyricist Lyricist


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A lyricist is someone who is involved in writing creative words that are used in songs.

8. Music Teacher

Music Teacher Music Teacher

Music Teacher

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A music teacher is someone who teaches people how to play an instrument (for example the piano, guitar or violin) or gives singing and voice lessons.

9. Dog Breeder

Dog Breeder Dog Breeder

Dog Breeder

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Do you love dogs?