Top Jobs for Biology Majors with No Experience

Finished your biology degree and wondering what's next? Here are some jobs you can apply for straight out of school.

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10 Biology Jobs for Recent Graduates

Congrats! You did your homework, stayed up late cramming for exams, and passed all your courses. Now what?

For many biology majors, finding work after graduation can be a daunting task—especially for those who have no professional experience to speak of. But although work and volunteer experience can be a major asset for getting hired, it isn't required for every career. From lab work to sales jobs, biology majors have lots of entry-level options to choose from.

Let's take a look at a few of the most common ones and whether they might be a fit for you.

This article will be covering the following careers:

Career Avg Salary Satisfaction Your Match
Medical Laboratory Technician $34k 2.9/5
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative $103k 2.8/5
Environmental Consultant $81k 2.9/5
Genomics Technician ?? ??
Zoo Educator $29k 3.8/5
Technical Writer $81k 2.8/5
Data Analyst $53k 3.0/5
Pharmacy Technician $38k 2.8/5
Graduate Teaching Assistant $38k 3.5/5
Occupational Health Specialist $75k 2.9/5
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1. Medical Laboratory Technician

Finding work as a laboratory technician is a great way to get started in the medical industry. Lab techs analyze bodily materials like blood, urine, skin, and bone to help doctors and care workers come to appropriate diagnoses. To qualify for the position, you'll need a biology degree, as well as, in some states, a license.

Medical Laboratory Technician Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical Laboratory Technician

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A medical laboratory technician performs essential laboratory tests and analyses to aid in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases.

2. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Sales might not be the first thing that comes to mind after graduation, but, if you're a charismatic and outgoing, it can be a great fit. With your broad knowledge of biology, you're well-equipped to work in the pharmaceutical industry, promoting and selling the latest medications and products.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

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A pharmaceutical sales representative is responsible for promoting and selling pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals, such as doctors, physicians, and pharmacists.

3. Environmental Consultant

Many organizations now work with in-house environmental consultants or sustainability officers. These professionals provide guidance on how companies can minimize their damage to the planet. Although work experience or a master's degree can be helpful, some employers are happy to hire biology majors straight out of school.

Environmental Consultant Environmental Consultant

Environmental Consultant

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An environmental consultant provides expertise and guidance on environmental issues to businesses, government agencies, and organizations.

4. Genomics Technician

Genomics is a fast-growing field, offering lots of fascinating professional opportunities. As a biology major, it's possible to find a great entry-level job in a genomics lab. As a technician, you'll use PCR, microarray, and other sequencing technologies to isolate DNA and RNA from samples and perform other lab tasks.

Genomics Technician Genomics Technician

Genomics Technician

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A genomics technician specializes in the field of genomics, which involves the study of an organism's complete set of genes, known as its genome.

5. Zoo Educator

Did you study biology because of a love of animals? If so, zoo educator might be your dream job. These professionals are the public face of the zoo. They provide visitors with information about the facility and the creatures within it. They often work closely with zoo keepers, animal nutritions, veterinarians, and—of course—animals.

Zoo Educator Zoo Educator

Zoo Educator

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A zoo educator develops and delivers educational programs and activities at zoos and aquariums to engage visitors and promote conservation education.

6. Technical Writer

When it comes to the sciences, knowing how to write (well) is a rare skill. Technical writers help different audiences understand complex information. They prepare content for websites, pamphlets, textbooks, and more. If you're a biology graduate who has a way with words, this career is for you.

Technical Writer Technical Writer

Technical Writer

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A technical writer specializes in creating clear and concise documentation to explain complex technical information.

7. Data Analyst

Got data skills? Not every undergrad will dip their toes into the world of data analysis, but those who do are in luck. Data analysts are in high demand in many different kinds of organizations—from research labs to health care companies. Biology graduates with technical skills in R, Python, C++, and other programming languages can thrive in this role.

Data Analyst Data Analyst

Data Analyst

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Data analysts are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large sets of data to identify trends, patterns, and insights that can inform business decisions.

8. Pharmacy Technician

While it's possible to get hired a pharmacy technician straight out of high school, a bachelor's in a related subject like biology will up your chances. These professionals work closely with pharmacists, performing support tasks like organizing medical supplies and providing drug-related information to patients. With additional training, many go on to become full pharmacists.

Pharmacy Technician Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician

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A pharmacy technician works under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist to support the day-to-day operations of a pharmacy.

9. Graduate Teaching Assistant

Interested in a career in academia? Working as a teaching assistant (TA) is probably in your future. As a TA, you'll support university instructors by mentoring students in undergraduate biology courses, leading tutorials, marking exams and assignments, and more.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Graduate Teaching Assistant

Graduate Teaching Assistant

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A graduate teaching assistant (GTA) is a position commonly found in higher education institutions where graduate students provide instructional support and assistance to faculty members in undergraduate courses.

10. Occupational Health Specialist

Occupational health specialists play an important role in many industries. They assess workplace conditions and procedures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all employees. Although this job isn't exactly biology-related, a degree in this area is often considered an entry-level qualification.

Occupational Health Specialist Occupational Health Specialist

Occupational Health Specialist

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An occupational health specialist plays an important role in safeguarding the health and well-being of employees within a workplace.