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Why am I given different scores?

Why am I given different scores?

  • LAST UPDATED: Feb. 6, 2019

Your career test results are unique to you, because we look at what makes you unique. And because we compare your personality to over 700 careers, your list of recommendations will never be the same as anyone else on the planet.

Because we measure so much information, it can be a little hard to understand why CareerExplorer has given you the score you see. Each score looks at a number of important factors:

  • How good a match is a career to your interests?
  • Will you run into issues in the workplace that you'd prefer to avoid, or will you be in an environment that suits your personality?
  • Does the career meet your salary requirements? Does it share the potential for salary growth that you are looking for?
  • Is the career in demand, and are there a lot of jobs in your area?
  • Do you have the training required to land a job in this career? If not, does the work needed to get the training match the timeline you are looking for?

There is a lot to look at, and sometimes your matches may not be obvious at first glance. That's where our career compatibility reports come in! When we prepare your list of recommendations, we also create a list of reports that explain why each career is a good fit for you. These detailed reports are the keys to finding your dream career.