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Can I take a career test if I already have a job?

Can I take a career test if I already have a job?

  • LAST UPDATED: Feb. 6, 2019

Absolutely. You can take the CareerExplorer career test even if you already have a job. In fact, CareerExplorer takes into account your past careers, and uses this information to shape your recommendations. Additionally, because you have working experience, you may have a better grasp of what things you like or dislike in the work environment, making you better suited to take a career test.

People typically find jobs casually and through acquaintances, ending up with a career they may not fully enjoy. CareerExplorer helps to break that mold by offering a scientifically valid way of finding your ideal career. So regardless if you're in your first job, or in the middle of a career, being educated about your options is always a good thing.

Take the CareerExplorer career test today to find your perfect career, or if you're curious to know whether or not you should quit your current job, take the should I quit my job quiz now.