Best Careers For Groundbreakers

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1. Equestrian

Equestrian Equestrian


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Equestrianism is a sport that involves riding, driving, vaulting, or working with horses, either competitively or for recreational purposes.

2. Horse Trainer

Horse Trainer Horse Trainer

Horse Trainer

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A horse trainer specializes in the training, conditioning, and development of horses for various purposes, such as riding, competition, or performance.

3. Detective

Detective Detective


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A detective specializes in solving crimes and gathering evidence to support legal proceedings.

4. Nanotechnology Engineer

Nanotechnology Engineer Nanotechnology Engineer

Nanotechnology Engineer

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A nanotechnology engineer specializes in the application of nanoscience and nanotechnology to design, develop, and implement innovative solutions at the nanoscale.

5. Park Naturalist

Park Naturalist Park Naturalist

Park Naturalist

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A park naturalist works in parks, nature reserves, or other outdoor recreational areas to provide educational and interpretive programs to visitors.

6. Beekeeper

Beekeeper Beekeeper


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A beekeeper engages in the practice of beekeeping, also known as apiculture, which involves the management and care of honeybee colonies.

7. Game Designer

Game Designer Game Designer

Game Designer

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A game designer plays a central role in the video game development process.

8. Photojournalist

Photojournalist Photojournalist


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A photojournalist is a visual storyteller who uses photography to document and report on news events, current affairs, and human interest stories.

9. Athlete

Athlete Athlete


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An athlete is an individual who participates in sports or physical activities at a competitive level.

10. Zoologist

Zoologist Zoologist


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A zoologist specializes in the study of animals and their behaviors, both in their natural habitats and controlled environments.