Careers for ADHD

People with ADHD need careers where they can think on their feet, be creative problem-solvers, and multitask like crazy. Here are some examples of careers that harness the innate skills and strengths of ADHD minds.

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1. Teacher

Teacher Teacher


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A teacher doesn't only teach.

2. Journalist

Journalist Journalist


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Do you have strong communication skills?

3. Editor

Editor Editor


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An editor is a critical reader and a lover of words, whose job is to polish and refine a story or an article.

4. Culinary Chef

Culinary Chef Culinary Chef

Culinary Chef

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Do you love to prepare, cook and present food?

5. Aesthetician

Aesthetician Aesthetician


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An aesthetician is a cosmetic professional who focuses specifically on the skin.

6. Hairdresser

Hairdresser Hairdresser


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Are you interested in the beauty industry?

7. Franchise Owner

Franchise Owner Franchise Owner

Franchise Owner

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A franchise owner is a business owner who has bought a franchise — an already established business model that is part of a chain (think McDonalds, Subway, or Kentucky Fried Chicken).

8. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Entrepreneur


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An entrepreneur is an individual who has identified a need in the marketplace and has come up with an innovative business idea to fill that need.

9. Nurse

Nurse Nurse


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Nurses are indispensable when it comes to protecting public health and giving care to people who are sick or injured.