Careers for Writers

There are many paths to a writing career that you may not have thought of. The following list is a collection of jobs that involve writing everyday.

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1. Copywriter

Copywriter Copywriter


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A copywriter is skilled in crafting written content, known as copy, with the primary goal of persuading, informing, or engaging a target audience.

2. Television Writer

Television Writer Television Writer

Television Writer

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A television writer is a skilled writer who writes scripts for television shows.

3. Technical Writer

Technical Writer Technical Writer

Technical Writer

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A technical writer specializes in creating clear and concise documentation to explain complex technical information.

4. Writer

Writer Writer


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A writer expresses thoughts, ideas, or stories through written language.

5. Content Manager

Content Manager Content Manager

Content Manager

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A content manager is responsible for overseeing and managing the creation, development, and distribution of content for various platforms and channels.

6. Proofreader

Proofreader Proofreader


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A proofreader carefully reviews written content to identify and correct errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.

7. Sports Writer

Sports Writer Sports Writer

Sports Writer

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A sports writer is a journalist who specializes in covering sporting events and writing about sports topics for newspapers, magazines, websites, or other publications.

8. Editor

Editor Editor


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Editors oversee the preparation and refinement of written, visual, or multimedia content for publication or broadcast.

9. Journalist

Journalist Journalist


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A journalist investigates, gathers, and reports news and information to the public through various media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and online platforms.