Psychiatrist earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Psychiatrist salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Hawaii $269,800
Connecticut $258,200
Maine $256,270
California $255,790
New Mexico $255,410
Illinois $251,390
Minnesota $250,550
Washington $245,990
New Jersey $245,990
Indiana $243,630
Oregon $242,020
Arizona $240,660
Missouri $240,300
Nebraska $240,180
Colorado $234,860
Pennsylvania $232,990
Georgia $231,410
South Carolina $203,800
Kansas $226,090
Rhode Island $203,990
Alaska $222,310
Mississippi $221,060
Maryland $215,000
Nevada $198,640
New Hampshire $197,420
Michigan $193,410
Iowa $164,940
Kentucky $210,680
New York $196,350
Texas $193,980
Virginia $199,340
North Dakota $196,410
Tennessee $193,310
Florida $198,400
Ohio $191,440
Massachusetts $184,610
North Carolina $180,040
Vermont $180,080
Wisconsin $172,860
Oklahoma $187,960
Montana $164,180
District of Columbia $185,030
West Virginia $163,840
Alabama $175,160
Arkansas $91,830
Utah $89,550
Louisiana $78,150
Puerto Rico $48,830

How much does a Psychiatrist earn?

According to Medscape's Psychiatrist Compensation Report 2013, US psychiatrists are in the bottom third of the compensation ranks compared with other US specialists. Topping the list were orthopedists, cardiologists, radiologists, gastroenterologists, and urologists. The latest compensation report shows that about 19% of psychiatrists earn $300,000 or more; about 13% earn $100,000 or less (compensation includes salary, bonuses, and profit-sharing contributions).

Data collected by indicated that those with less than five years of experience made salaries ranging from $81,018 to $226,307 in September 2015. The average salary also depends on factors like employer, state and city. The highest earnings for psychiatrists were reported in the West ($251,000) and Northwest ($238,000) regions, whereas the lowest were in the Mid-Atlantic ($201,000) and the Southeast ($205,000) regions.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, psychiatrists working for home health care services made the highest average salary of $216,730 in May 2014. High average salaries were also found in state government ($201,520); community food and housing, and emergency and other relief services ($197,030); individual and family services ($197,030); and outpatient care centres ($196,820). Average salaries were lower for those working for the offices of physicians ($175,140), general medical and surgical hospitals ($171,660) and psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals ($177,960).

Male psychiatrists are earning more than their female counterparts. However, women tend to work shorter hours and fewer weeks than men, which may help account for the lower compensation reported among female psychiatrists.

How do psychiatrist salaries compare to similar careers?

Psychiatrists earn 8% more than similar careers in Nevada. On average, they make less than pathologists but more than podiatrists.

Career Median Salary
Pathologist salary $228K
Ophthalmologist salary $228K
Neurologist salary $228K
Dermatologist salary $228K
Hospitalist salary $228K
Psychiatrist salary $199K
Dentist salary $196K
Family practitioner salary $195K
Veterinarian salary $95K
Podiatrist salary $106K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)