Respiratory therapist earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Respiratory therapist salary by state

State Name Average Salary
California $78,560
District of Columbia $75,870
Alaska $75,910
New York $75,030
Hawaii $71,460
Massachusetts $72,740
Nevada $73,050
New Jersey $73,080
Connecticut $69,120
Washington $68,480
Oregon $69,700
Delaware $66,710
Maryland $68,700
Minnesota $68,240
Rhode Island $69,480
New Hampshire $66,430
Vermont $64,270
Colorado $62,200
Wisconsin $61,160
Utah $60,790
Virginia $59,160
Texas $58,930
Maine $58,630
New Mexico $57,850
Wyoming $57,920
Florida $57,660
North Dakota $57,120
Idaho $57,550
Georgia $57,140
Montana $56,730
Michigan $57,060
Ohio $56,430
North Carolina $56,410
Pennsylvania $54,676
Missouri $53,980
Indiana $54,530
South Carolina $55,190
Nebraska $55,080
Oklahoma $54,580
Kansas $53,082
Louisiana $53,830
Illinois $51,602
Kentucky $49,890
South Dakota $49,490
Tennessee $51,040
Iowa $50,008
West Virginia $49,150
Arkansas $47,754
Mississippi $48,860
Arizona $48,087
Alabama $46,191
Puerto Rico $21,720

How much does a Respiratory Therapist earn?

Respiratory therapy is part of the booming healthcare industry, which, as of 2012, was responsible for 18 percent of the total U.S. gross national product, according to a Georgetown University, Center on Education and the Workforce report. What’s more, the Center estimates that because of the increasing demand for healthcare services, the demand for healthcare workers is expected to grow twice as fast as for other industries.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, an average yearly salary for a respiratory therapist is as follows: Less than one year of work experience earns from $29,087 – $55,652 per year; one to four years receives from $24,850 – $59,507 per year; five to nine years receives from $35,802 – $70,472 per year; 10 to 19 years earns from $30,161 – $71,247 per year; 20+ years of experience receives from $44,557 – $71,011 per year. The highest paid in the respiratory therapist profession work in the metropolitan areas of San Francisco, Santa Cruz, California, and Sacramento, California. The Vallejo, California area also pays well, as does the city of San Jose, California. Other well paying areas are Hawaii $66,890; Connecticut $73,670; Nevada $67,270; New Jersey $71,610; and New York, $69,730.

According to the BLS, an average hourly wage and yearly salary earned by the lowest 10th percentile of respiratory therapists is around $19.55 per hour, or $40,660 per year, whereas those in the 90th percentile received $35.77 per hour or $74,400 per year. Respiratory therapists’ employed in colleges, universities, and professional schools earned a higher annual salary ($67,060) when compared to those employed in rental consumer goods ($40,660).

How do respiratory therapist salaries compare to similar careers?

Respiratory therapists earn about the same as related careers in the United States. On average, they make less than diagnostic medical sonographers but more than cardiovascular technologists and technicians.

Career Median Salary
Diagnostic medical sonographer salary $73K
Registered nurse salary $70K
Magnetic resonance imaging technologist salary $72K
Occupational therapist assistant salary $60K
Physical therapist assistant salary $58K
Respiratory therapist salary $60K
Radiologic technologist salary $59K
Healthcare social worker salary $56K
Health educator salary $54K
Cardiovascular technologist and technician salary $57K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)