Best Careers For Captains

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1. Woodworker

Woodworker Woodworker


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Woodworkers build a variety of products, such as cabinets and furniture that are made out of wood and synthetic wood materials.

2. Athlete

Athlete Athlete


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What do you think of when you hear the names Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, and Tom Brady?

3. Firefighter

Firefighter Firefighter


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A firefighter, also known as a fireman, is a highly skilled man or woman who works to combat and extinguish fires.

4. Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

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Fashion designers hold a special place in our world.

5. CEO



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A CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is the highest ranking executive, and head of an organization or corporation.

6. Robotics Engineer

Robotics Engineer Robotics Engineer

Robotics Engineer

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Do you love solving complex problems?

7. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Entrepreneur


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An entrepreneur is an individual who has identified a need in the marketplace and has come up with an innovative business idea to fill that need.

8. Career Counselor

Career Counselor Career Counselor

Career Counselor

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There are moments in life when we are all faced with making big decisions.

9. Copywriter

Copywriter Copywriter


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Does the spelling mistake in this sentance really annoy you?

10. Rancher

Rancher Rancher


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A ranch is a large tract of land that is primarily for the purpose of raising and feeding grazing livestock.