Best Careers For People With A Bachelor's Degree In Economics

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1. Actor

Actor Actor


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Oh the glamour of being a famous actor!

2. Childcare Worker

Childcare Worker Childcare Worker

Childcare Worker

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Do you love children and taking care of them?

3. Author

Author Author


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Are you naturally inclined to think creatively?

4. Counselor

Counselor Counselor


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Are you interested in becoming a counselor?

5. Career Counselor

Career Counselor Career Counselor

Career Counselor

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There are moments in life when we are all faced with making big decisions.

6. Singer

Singer Singer


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A singer is someone who vocalizes musical sounds with tone and pitch, and uses his or her own voice to produce music.

7. Musician

Musician Musician


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Musicians are talented and skilled in playing one or several musical instruments.

8. Athlete

Athlete Athlete


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What do you think of when you hear the names Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, and Tom Brady?

9. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Entrepreneur


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An entrepreneur is an individual who has identified a need in the marketplace and has come up with an innovative business idea to fill that need.

10. Humanitarian

Humanitarian Humanitarian


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Are you passionate about making a difference in this world?