Best Careers For People With A Bachelor's Degree In Linguistics

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1. Diplomat

Diplomat Diplomat


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Are you interested in being appointed by a nation state to represent and protect that nation's interests abroad?

2. Nanny

Nanny Nanny


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A nanny is an in-home childcare provider that has a close relationship with the children and families they work for.

3. Baker

Baker Baker


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Breads, cakes, cookies, pastries, and pies..

4. Proofreader

Proofreader Proofreader


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A proofreader is a valuable asset in the publishing world.

5. Journalist

Journalist Journalist


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Do you have strong communication skills?

6. Editor

Editor Editor


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An editor is a critical reader and a lover of words, whose job is to polish and refine a story or an article.

7. Barista

Barista Barista


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Barista is the Italian word for barkeeper.

8. Professor

Professor Professor


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A professor is someone who instructs students in a wide variety of academic and vocational subjects beyond the high school level.

9. Event Planner

Event Planner Event Planner

Event Planner

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Do you love organizing events and parties for your family and friends?

10. Data Analyst

Data Analyst Data Analyst

Data Analyst

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Are you detail-oriented, organized, and like working in a structured environment?