Best Careers For People With A Bachelor's Degree In Drama

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1. Performer

Performer Performer


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A performer entertains audiences through artistic expression, such as acting, singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument.

2. Filmmaker

Filmmaker Filmmaker


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A filmmaker creates films or movies, typically by overseeing various aspects of the production process, including writing, directing, editing, and sometimes even producing.

3. Film Director

Film Director Film Director

Film Director

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A film director is a key creative figure in the filmmaking process, responsible for guiding and overseeing the artistic and technical elements of a movie.

4. Actor

Actor Actor


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An actor brings characters to life through their performances in various forms of entertainment, including theater, film, television, and other media.

5. Choreographer

Choreographer Choreographer


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A choreographer designs and directs the movement and dance sequences for performances, productions, or events.

6. Singer

Singer Singer


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A singer is a vocal artist who uses their voice as a musical instrument to produce melody, harmony, and rhythm.

7. Writer

Writer Writer


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A writer expresses thoughts, ideas, or stories through written language.

8. Art Teacher

Art Teacher Art Teacher

Art Teacher

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An art teacher specializes in teaching various forms of visual arts, including painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and ceramics, to students of all ages and skill levels.

9. Professor

Professor Professor


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A professor holds a high-ranking position within an educational institution, typically at the college or university level.

10. Set Designer

Set Designer Set Designer

Set Designer

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A set designer works in the field of theatre, film, and television, and is responsible for creating the visual world of a production.