Highest Paying Jobs for Creative Thinkers

Do you take joy in solving problems in novel ways? Are you skilled at coming up with strategies that no one else has thought of?

When people hear the words “creative thinker,” they tend to picture a composer, a photographer, a writer, or some other kind of artist. But in reality, creative thought can encompass so much more than these endeavours. Highly innovative individuals can be found in a wide range of industries—from film to engineering—and at an even wider range of pay grades.

If you’re looking for a career that is both monetarily and intellectually rewarding, read on. One of these exciting positions may be for you.

Here are Sokanu’s Top Careers for Creative Thinkers

A list of 9 careers Updated February 12, 2019
  • #1: Chief Executive

    Being a chief executive can look very different depending on where you work. In large organizations, they tend to have big picture duties like strategic planning and policy formation; in smaller companies, they often manage more of the daily operations. But no matter what their specific job description, they chief executives have a high degree of control within the organization. They are an integral part of the present and future of the company.

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  • #2: Physicist

    A career in physics is a career in problem solving. Physicists are highly creative individuals who use their knowledge to identify and explore the basic principles that govern the behaviour, structure, and interactions of matter and energy. They are found in both theoretical and practical settings in a variety of subfields, including fluid dynamics, laser science, and nuclear physics.

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  • #3: Advertising Manager

    At the most basic level, advertising managers are in the business of selling desire. They work with companies both large and small to generate interest in products or services among potential buyers. Along the way, they liaise with sales, marketing, and advertising staff to create, implement, and evaluate new campaigns. This is an exciting and varied career requiring both an intuitive understanding of how people think and the insight to capitalize on it.

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  • #4: Robotics Engineer

    Very few people realize that robotics engineers are, in fact, designers. These highly original individuals are responsible for developing and testings robots and robotic systems that can assist humans with a dazzling array of tasks. Through their work, robotics engineers help make life easier, safer, and more efficient.

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  • #5: Biochemist

    Biochemists study the biological, chemical, and physical principles that make life on earth possible. They tend to be both inventive and disciplined, using their critical thinking skills to plan and conduct complex research projects, synthesize and analyze molecules such as enzymes and DNA, study the effects of drugs, food, hormones, and other substances on biological function, and more.

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  • #6: Principal

    They may not be the first people who come to mind when you think of "creative thinkers," but most principals are extremely imaginative individuals. Responsible for defining the overarching vision of their school, principals may find themselves completing a diverse range of tasks. From planning academic calendars to restructuring student programming, many of their duties involve a forward-thinking mindset.

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  • #7: Film Director

    Film directors are the visionaries behind many of the world's most beloved productions. These highly original individuals work with writers, actors, set designers, and other film professionals to bring ideas to life on the silver screen. They help determine which actors should play which roles, how each scene should unfold, what props are going to be used, and more. This variety of tasks can make film director an exciting career option for creative people.

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  • #8: Talent Director

    Talent directors determine the talent required for various productions and help select the most suitable candidates to hire for roles in radio, film, television, and stage. Acting as a go-between for directors and agents, they audition, interview, and maintain files on each performer. This career can be a dream come true for lovers of the performing arts—especially for those who are too shy to be in the spotlight themselves.

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  • #9: Atmospheric Scientist

    Atmospheric science is a fascinating and intellectually stimulating field. Atmospheric scientists (or climatologists) studies use their analytical thinking skills to study the earth's atmosphere, weather, and climate. Their day-to-day can involve exploring meteorological data to find patterns, creating weather graphics and maps, and producing forecasts using sophisticated mathematical models.

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