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Charming, independent, energetic, and compassionate, ENFPs may spend a lot of time exploring what's right for them. But when they finally find their place in the world, they are likely to produce amazing results.

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Careers for ENFP Personalities

Do new ideas give you energy and motivation? Are you driven to find deeper meaning in every experience?

Extraversion, intuition, feeling, and perceiving are the four words that make up ENFP—one of the 16 psychological types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Comprising seven percent of the population, the ENFP personality is a true free spirit. They tend to see life as a big, complex puzzle in which everything is connected, and view the world through emotion, compassion, and mysticism. They are extremely independent individuals, and crave creativity and freedom above all else.

In the workplace, ENFPs are fascinated by new ideas, both in terms of developments in fields they are already familiar with, and with any new subjects that come along. They tend to choose careers that allow them to pursue ideals of personal growth and artistic expression. ENFPs have excellent people skills, are able to work with others, explore novel perspectives, and glean new insights into their projects.

This article will be covering the following careers:

Career Avg Salary Satisfaction Your Match
Fitness Trainer $19k 3.6/5
Choreographer $6k 4.2/5
Singer $9k 4.3/5
Hairdresser $20k 3.2/5
Public Relations Specialist $57k 3.0/5
Urban Planner $67k 3.2/5
Elementary School Teacher $42k 2.9/5
Exhibit Designer $61k 3.8/5
Psychologist $86k 3.5/5
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1. Fitness Trainer

The best fitness trainers are empathetic and energetic, able to motivate even the most reluctant clients to complete a tough workout. Upbeat and positive, ENFPs are up for the challenge. In this role, they use their keen observation skills to assess clients' progress and their charming personalities to keep them on task. They make fun, bubbly, creative trainers—happy to devise new workout plans or fitness regimes to make their client happy.

Fitness Trainer Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer

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A fitness trainer, distinct from a personal trainer, typically encompasses a broader role in guiding individuals through general fitness activities and group exercise sessions.

2. Choreographer

Energetic, warm, and passionate, ENFPs love to help other people explore their creative potential. Their enthusiasm is boundless and often contagious—an essential trait for a career choreography. In this role, the ENFP's imaginative, social personality comes to the fore. Whether they're helping a ballet dancer prepare for an upcoming recital or an actor develop their character's posture, they will enjoy the independent, varied nature of this work.

Choreographer Choreographer


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A choreographer designs and directs the movement and dance sequences for performances, productions, or events.

3. Singer

Original and fun-loving, ENFPs excel when allowed to express their ideas and be spontaneous. In a singing career, they will revel in the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians and performers, experiment with different musical styles, and write their own songs. Because ENFPs love new people and experiences, they are particularly well-suited to a career as a special event singer. Weddings, parties, fairs, and festivals are exactly the kinds of environments in which ENFPs feel most inspired.

Singer Singer


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A singer is a vocal artist who uses their voice as a musical instrument to produce melody, harmony, and rhythm.

4. Hairdresser

ENFPs tend to choose careers that allow them to pursue ideals of personal growth and artistic expression, both of which can be found in the world of hairdressing. They also crave social interaction, another reason why a people-oriented career such as this is a perfect fit. Although ENFPs will excel at most aspects of hairdressing, they detest routine tasks and may find it difficult to stay motivated if the work becomes repetitive. A position in a more experimental salon will help them feel fulfilled and engaged in the long term.

Hairdresser Hairdresser


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A hairdresser specializes in cutting, styling, coloring, and treating hair.

5. Public Relations Specialist

ENFPs bring vision, intuition, and meaning to their work. They feel stifled in monotonous environments, require autonomy, and need an outlet for their many talents. All of these qualities make them ideal candidates for a career in public relations. In this varied and social role, they will enjoy creating new campaigns, solving problems in novel ways, and building relationships with an eclectic mix of clients and media personnel.

Public Relations Specialist Public Relations Specialist

Public Relations Specialist

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A public relations specialist manages the public image and reputation of individuals, organizations, or brands.

6. Urban Planner

Urban planners have the ability to see the big picture and the implications of actions and ideas, much like ENFPs. They are also adaptable, shifting gears and changing directions when needed. ENFPs will thrive at both the creative and social aspects of an urban planning career. Meeting new clients and understanding their hopes, needs, and dreams comes easily for them, but so does the originality involved in making those dreams come true.

Urban Planner Urban Planner

Urban Planner

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An urban planner works to create and implement plans for the development of cities, towns, and other urban areas.

7. Elementary School Teacher

Elementary school teachers need to be perceptive and understand the needs and motivation of their students, both qualities that ENFPs possess. In this role, ENFPs will enjoy working with their students to explore new ideas, learn about different topics, and connect the dots to see a bigger picture. Naturally inventive, they may find themselves creating some of their own course materials or teaching techniques.

Elementary School Teacher Elementary School Teacher

Elementary School Teacher

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An elementary school teacher is an educator who specializes in teaching children typically ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade, though this can vary depending on the school district.

8. Exhibit Designer

The work of an exhibit designer involves creativity, imagination, and a creative approach to problem solving—all of which are up an ENFP's alley. These specially trained professionals dedicate their careers to creating fixtures and displays for museums, libraries, galleries, and other clients. They are responsible for all aspects of the process, from the initial design stage through to the final execution. Although ENFPs will thrive at many aspects of the job, but they will most enjoy the time spent imagining and planning for the future.

Exhibit Designer Exhibit Designer

Exhibit Designer

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An exhibit designer is responsible for conceptualizing, designing, and implementing exhibitions and displays for museums, galleries, trade shows, and other public spaces.

9. Psychologist

ENFPs are intuitive and social, and care deeply about personal growth. As psychologists, they are compassionate and personable, skilled at making their patients feel at ease. They also have a strong interest in new ideas and perspectives, which makes it easy for them to take a genuine interest in their patients. Because ENFPs tend to do best when they can think and act autonomously, they may especially enjoy the flexibility of a private psychology practice.

Psychologist Psychologist


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A psychologist specializes in the study of human behavior, emotions, and mental processes.