Highest Paying Jobs For Social People

Are you outgoing and personable? Do you feel most excited and energized when connecting with others?

Social people are supportive, responsible, and dedicated. They are highly attuned to emotional cues, and are at their best when able engage with others in a meaningful way. In the workplace, their empathetic and relatable personalities make them natural leaders and excellent team players. They enjoy work environments that allow them to share, collaborate, interact, and take charge.

Socially oriented people can end up on a variety of different career paths. Here, we'll take a look at some of the most lucrative options and why they might be a fit for you.

Here are Sokanu's Top Careers for Social People

A list of 9 careers Updated February 8, 2019
  • #9: Naturopathic Physician

    Naturopathic physicians are doctors who possess both natural, traditional medical knowledge and a solid understanding of modern medicine. They approach their practice from a holistic perspective, focusing on how social, spiritual, environmental, and lifestyle factors can interact to affect their patients' overall wellbeing. Social individuals tend to thrive in this career—not only because they get to engage with people on a regular basis, but also because they get to make a meaningful difference in their patients' lives.

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  • #8: Acupuncturist

    Another care-focused profession, acupuncture is an ancient healing art dedicated to helping people maintain and restore good health. Although acupuncturists often work with needles, the also employ a number of other techniques, such as massage and polarity therapy. The best acupuncturists are adept active listeners, able to pick up subtle emotional cues from their patients and use them to provide better, more effective treatment.

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  • #7: Principal

    In many ways, principals are the heart of a school's community. They are responsible for supervising all students and teachers, as well as managing a number of major administrative tasks and decisions. Because they interact with people of a wide range of ages, interests, and education levels, the best principals are usually sensitive, accepting, and highly supportive.

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  • #6: Physician Assistant

    Due to our aging Boomer population, physician assistant is a career with an excellent outlook. Although these medical professionals are not required to have a medical degree, they spend their days much like doctors do: interacting with patients, suturing wounds, and even prescribing medication. Especially in rural communities, where physician assistants are often patients' first point of contact, being empathetic and relatable is extremely important in this role.

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  • #5: Nurse Practitioner

    Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have additional education, experience, and responsibilities. In addition to performing more standard nursing duties, they also order and interpret diagnostic tests, perform in-office procedures, prescribe medications, and more. These additional tasks allow them to work intimately with their patients, so having strong social skills is a major asset.

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  • #4: Human Resources Manager

    Human resources (HR) is perhaps one of the most obvious career paths for socially minded people. That's because, as the name suggests, HR is an industry centred around people. Human resources managers oversee teams of professionals in order to hire, train, and support a company's workforce. At its core, this career is all about empowering others to feel as comfortable and effective in their work as possible—making it a rewarding option for extroverts.

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  • #3: Family Practitioner

    Family practitioners are among the most socially-minded of doctors. These hardworking doctors specialize in treating entire families, and many work with patients from they day they are born until well into their 60s or even 70s. This ability to build long-standing relationships with their patients makes this an extremely rewarding career for many family practitioners.

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  • #2: Sports Medicine Physician

    Sports medicine is a growing field, with the demand of practicing professionals outstripping the supply. It's also an ideal fit for a people person. Sports medicine physicians specialize in identifying, treating, and preventing injuries related to athletic activities. On a daily basis, they interact with a multitude of patients, as well as nurses, office assistants, and other medical staff.

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  • #1: Dermatologist

    A dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in conditions relating to the skin, nails, sweat and oil glands, hair, and mucus membranes. They work with people of all ages, diagnosing and treating a variety of issues—from acne to cancer. Like many doctors, their days are jam-packed and highly social. The average dermatologist sees as many as 50 patients a day!

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