Best Careers For Anthropology And Archeology Majors That Are Growing Quickly

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1. Humanitarian

Humanitarian Humanitarian


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A humanitarian is committed to promoting social justice and improving the lives of people who are affected by crises and disasters, often at great personal risk and sacrifice.

2. Tour Guide

Tour Guide Tour Guide

Tour Guide

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A tour guide provides assistance, information, and guidance to individuals or groups of tourists during their travels.

3. Curator

Curator Curator


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A curator is responsible for the care, management, and interpretation of collections in museums, galleries, libraries, or other cultural institutions.

4. Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analyst Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analyst

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A market research analyst specializes in studying market conditions to identify potential sales opportunities for a product or service.

5. Archivist

Archivist Archivist


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An archivist is responsible for the preservation, organization, and management of historical records and documents.

6. Fundraiser

Fundraiser Fundraiser


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Fundraisers play an important role in the nonprofit sector, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and other entities that rely on external funding.

7. Event Planner

Event Planner Event Planner

Event Planner

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An event planner specializes in organizing and executing various types of events, ranging from small gatherings to large-scale conferences and weddings.

8. Business Analyst

Business Analyst Business Analyst

Business Analyst

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A business analyst helps to bridge the gap between business needs and technological solutions within an organization.

9. Baker

Baker Baker


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A baker specializes in the art and science of baking.

10. Writer

Writer Writer


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A writer expresses thoughts, ideas, or stories through written language.