Highest Paying Jobs For Enterprising People

Discover the highest paying jobs for enterprising individuals.

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Highest Paying Jobs for Enterprising Individuals

Enterprising people are powerful leaders. They enjoy taking charge, and are adept at making decisions, managing organizational goals, and striving for economic gain. These quick-witted, big picture thinkers find it difficult to truly thrive when they aren't at the helm of the operation. They are confident and assertive, and don't hesitate to risks when the payoff is worth it.

Does this sound like you? Let's take a look at some of the highest paying jobs that let you put your inventive mind to work.

Here are CareerExplorer's Top Jobs for Enterprising People

This article will be covering the following careers:

Career Avg Salary Satisfaction Your Match
Chief Executive $213k 3.9/5
Sustainability Officer $213k 3.6/5
Marketing Manager $153k 3.2/5
Natural Sciences Manager $156k 3.1/5
Lawyer $148k 2.7/5
Bank Manager $153k 2.8/5
Sales Manager $142k 2.8/5
Advertising Manager $143k 3.1/5
Fundraising Manager $132k 2.9/5
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1. Chief Executive

Found in nearly every industry, a chief executive is the grand strategist behind an organization. These bold thinkers keep the team on track by setting goals, planning and coordinating company activities, and implementing new policies. The hours tend to be long and the stakes high, but the control and prestige this position affords makes it a perfect fit for enterprising individuals.

Chief Executive Chief Executive

Chief Executive

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In the broadest sense, a chief executive refers to the top executive or leader within an organization or entity.

2. Sustainability Officer

From clothing manufacturers to restaurants, companies of all stripes are striving to improve the environmental impact of their daily operations. A sustainability office helps them achieve that goal. These forward-thinking professionals analyze companies' current effects on the environment and offer suggestions for how to reduce them. They introduce new goals, policies, and objectives to ensure that organizations of all sizes continue to be profitable and productive, with minimal damage to the natural world. Natural leaders will excel in this challenging, people-oriented career.

Sustainability Officer Sustainability Officer

Sustainability Officer

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A sustainability officer is a professional responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of sustainability initiatives within an organization.

3. Marketing Manager

Another great leadership position, a marketing manager is someone who designs, implements, and evaluates marketing campaigns for a business or product. This position requires a rare combination of people skills, originality, problem solving abilities, and detail-oriented thinking. Individuals who are confident taking risks and enjoy watching their creative ideas come to life will thrive in this career.

Marketing Manager Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

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A marketing manager is a professional responsible for overseeing and coordinating the marketing activities of a company or organization.

4. Natural Sciences Manager

Natural science managers are the masterminds behind many of the world's most innovative discoveries. These innovative thinkers supervise and direct the activities of technicians, scientists, and support staff. They set the agenda: identifying research goals, employee expectations, and a vision for the end product. But they also support their staff, ensuring everyone around them has the tools and training they need to excel. People-oriented yet self-directed, this is an excellent career for people who enjoy taking the initiative.

Natural Sciences Manager Natural Sciences Manager

Natural Sciences Manager

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Natural sciences managers work closely with a team of scientists or research professionals to meet deadlines in the industries of product development and scientific research.

5. Lawyer

Enterprising individuals can put their problem solving skills to the test in this high intensity career. Lawyers are analytical, inventive thinkers who use their knowledge of the law to help clients in a wide range of situations, from courtrooms to corporate offices. But they are also natural leaders—talented communicators with a knack for understanding how people think, feel, and behave.

Lawyer Lawyer


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A lawyer has been trained in the law and is licensed to provide legal advice and representation to clients.

6. Bank Manager

Forward thinking and dedicated, bank branch managers are responsible for ensuring all operations at their local bank branch run smoothly. They manage a team of tellers, bank officers, and product specialists to ensure top service and profits within their branch. Often high pressure, this job can involve everything from administration to marketing, employee training to budget setting. It's not an easy career, but for an ambitious individual, it can be an incredibly rewarding one.

Bank Manager Bank Manager

Bank Manager

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A bank manager is a professional responsible for the day-to-day operations of a bank branch.

7. Sales Manager

Sales managers are cunning and imaginative, skilled at identifying problems and proposing creative solutions. They work within organizations of all shapes and sizes to set sales goals and quotas, analyze data, and create strategies for the future. To do so, they often lead, guide, and support other sales staff, ensuring that the entire team is committed and that the organization is on track to financial success.

Sales Manager Sales Manager

Sales Manager

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A sales manager is responsible for overseeing and leading a team of sales representatives to achieve revenue and sales goals for a company or organization.

8. Advertising Manager

Requiring both an critical mind and an original outlook, a career in advertising can offer exciting opportunities for truly courageous thought. Professional advertising managers envision, plan, and direct large-scale promotion campaigns to help improve uptake of a product or service. To do so, they may liaise with a wide range of individuals, including art directors, financial staff, sales agents, and clients. Varied and intellectually challenging, this is a great career for flexing your imaginative muscles.

Advertising Manager Advertising Manager

Advertising Manager

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An advertising manager is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing advertising campaigns to promote products, services, or brands.

9. Fundraising Manager

Self-directed high achievers will thrive as fundraising managers. These skilled professionals are responsible for managing the fundraising department for entire organizations, festivals, corporations, or nonprofits. In addition to overseeing the budget, they also manage volunteers or workers, organize events, write grants, and develop donor relations to maximize donations. Requiring both strong leadership abilities and an ambitious mindset, this position is ideally suited to enterprising individuals.

Fundraising Manager Fundraising Manager

Fundraising Manager

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Fundraising managers are responsible for overseeing all of the fundraising functions for organizations or nonprofit entities.