Careers for INFP Personalities

Introversion, intuition, feeling, and perception are the four words that make up INFP - one of the 16 psychological types that are used in the publications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. INFPs are somewhat rare, accounting for about four percent of the population. These individuals are sincere, highly intuitive, thoughtful, considerate, good listeners, and put people at ease. INFPs do not like conflict, but make wonderful mediators as they are good at solving other people's conflicts; they intuitively understand people's perspectives and feelings, and genuinely want to help them.

INFPs do not want just any job or career, but want to do something they love - something they are passionate about. They aspire to use their creative gifts and abilities in ways that bring personal happiness and fulfillment, and that will contribute to the greater good of humankind.

Here are Sokanu's INFP Career Picks ~

A list of 9 careers Updated July 19, 2016
  • Preschool Teacher

    Being a preschool teacher brings out an INFP's creativity, independence, and need for meaningful relationships with individuals - in this case children - who need their guidance.

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  • Massage Therapist

    Some INFPs prefer a more personal touch, being able to work face-to-face with clients, seeing that their personal effort really impacts another's quality of life.

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  • Psychiatrist

    Psychiatry is a profession where an INFP can be intellectually inspired, grow professionally, try creative approaches to problems, and most of all help others improve their lives.

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  • Social Fundraiser

    Social fundraisers act as the intermediary between non-profit organizations and their donors, perfect for INFPs that need to serve for the greater good and contribute to a cause.

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  • Midwife

    INFPs love to be a nurturing caregiver to others, and enjoy taking on responsibility - especially being a behind-the-scenes support system for those that need their services.

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  • Photographer

    INFPs seem to be here to reflect humanity back to itself, through some creative, artistic perspective that connects with others on a very personal level - like photography.

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  • Social Worker

    INFPs take pride in the progress and growth they help to foster in people. They have a tendency to put others' interests ahead of their own, perfect for a career in social work.

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  • Marriage Therapist

    INFPs tend to be very accepting, good listeners, patient with complex and/or disorganized thoughts, and can come up with creative ideas when it comes to counseling couples and families.

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  • Author

    Every INFP's dream growing up is to become an author. INFPs have a gift for language and written expression, and have the ability to win people's hearts and minds with the written word.

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