Top Jobs for English Majors with No Experience

Trying to enter the workforce but not sure how to start? Here are some career ideas for English majors with no experience.

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10 Entry-level Jobs for English Graduates

Congratulations! You did it: wrote the papers, gave the presentations, passed the exams. Now it's time to get a job...right?

If you're like many English graduates, getting your first professional gig can seem like an impossible feat. How are you supposed to find work when everything requires at least two years of experience? Luckily, there are some careers you can pursue fresh out of school. With your strong communication skills, research abilities, and dedicated work ethic, you're well-suited for a wide range of jobs. Let's take a look at a few.

This article will be covering the following careers:

Career Avg Salary Satisfaction Your Match
Administrative Assistant $41k 2.7/5
Bartender $30k 3.1/5
Teacher $68k 3.1/5
Copywriter $81k 3.2/5
Social Media Manager $37k 3.2/5
Nanny $28k 3.3/5
Library Assistant $32k 3.4/5
Content Manager $49k 3.3/5
Graduate Teaching Assistant $38k 3.5/5
Blogger $30k 3.8/5
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1. Administrative Assistant

A job as an administrative assistant is the perfect way to build up professional experience in an office setting. Administrative assistants work in virtually all industries, performing basic office tasks that help businesses operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. A high school diploma, a great degree of organization, and strong communication skills are the only requirements for the job. English majors possess all of these qualities and more.

Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

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An administrative assistant maintains the smooth operation of an organization by providing comprehensive administrative support.

2. Bartender

Bartending can be fun, engaging, and financially rewarding. In this role, you'll mix cocktails, pour beers, serve customers, stock supplies, and more. Although most employers will want to see some previous experience before hiring you as a bartender, there are always entry-level positions available in the restaurant industry. Start as a hostess or barback and work your way up the ranks. With a bit of hard work, you'll be serving gin and tonics in no time.

Bartender Bartender


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A bartender specializes in the art of mixing and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in bars, restaurants, hotels, or other establishments.

3. Teacher

Want to travel and make money at the same time? Consider teaching English in a foreign country. Schools in places such as Japan and Korea are always on the look out for new English as a second language (ESL) instructors. To land the job, you'll need a bachelor's degree and strong communication skills—both of which you have. Although not required for every position, you may also want to obtain a TEFL certification (100 hours minimum) to improve your job options.

Teacher Teacher


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A teacher serves as a guide, mentor, and facilitator in the learning journey of students.

4. Copywriter

Copywriters craft compelling text for ads, pamphlets, webpages, and more to help companies win page views, gain customers, and increase profits. They can work in-house, at copywriting or advertising agencies, or freelance. Luckily, pursuing this career doesn't require a degree or any formal experience. What it does require is an excellent command of the English language and an understanding of how text influences emotion, thinking, and decision making.

Copywriter Copywriter


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A copywriter is skilled in crafting written content, known as copy, with the primary goal of persuading, informing, or engaging a target audience.

5. Social Media Manager

Today, nearly every business has some kind of social media presence. This means that nearly every business needs someone to manage that presence! When applying for jobs, emphasize your excellent writing skills and ability to meet deadlines. Browse the web for blog posts and tutorials for social media tips and best practices. Develop your own social media presence, testing what works well and what doesn't. With some dedicated self-study, you'll be well on your way.

Social Media Manager Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

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A social media manager is responsible for overseeing and implementing an organization's social media strategy.

6. Nanny

Are you good with kids? Becoming a nanny can be a fun way to drum up some extra income after your degree. Work on an hourly basis in your hometown or become a live-in nanny in another country. With your excellent command of the English language, you could even offer tutoring services at an additional fee. This career requires a lot of energy, creativity, and patience, but—lucky for you—no formal experience. For the right person, nannying can be an incredibly rewarding option.

Nanny Nanny


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A nanny is a professional caregiver hired to provide personalized and comprehensive childcare services within a private household.

7. Library Assistant

English literature major? Chances are, you love books. Library assistants get to spend all day surrounded by them. In this entry-level role, you'll work under the supervision of a librarian to help people find the reference materials they need. You'll also assist with administrative and clerical tasks, and spend a lot of time shelving and organizing. If the job is a fit, consider getting the extra training needed to become a librarian.

Library Assistant Library Assistant

Library Assistant

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A library assistant is an individual who supports the daily operations and services of a library.

8. Content Manager

In our digitally obsessed society, businesses of all kinds are hiring content managers. These skilled professionals create, curate, edit, and publish all kinds of digital content. This can include tasks like writing blogs, creating social media posts, developing newsletters, and more. To enter this career, compliment your written communication skills by taking some online courses in digital marketing and sales.

Content Manager Content Manager

Content Manager

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A content manager is responsible for overseeing and managing the creation, development, and distribution of content for various platforms and channels.

9. Graduate Teaching Assistant

Are you planning to do a master's degree? If so, find out whether your department offers any Teaching Assistant (TA) positions. In this role, you'll help undergraduate English students fall in love with your favourite subject. Depending on the nature of the course you're TAing for, you'll likely mark papers and exams and answer lots of student questions by email. You may also offer "office hours"—open drop-in time that students can use to get extra support with their coursework.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Graduate Teaching Assistant

Graduate Teaching Assistant

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A graduate teaching assistant (GTA) is a position commonly found in higher education institutions where graduate students provide instructional support and assistance to faculty members in undergraduate courses.

10. Blogger

Making it as a blogger can be tough. In addition to top notch writing skills, this career also requires an understanding of business, marketing, SEO, and digital publishing. But for a passionate self-starter, it can be incredibly exciting. Blogging jobs look very different, depending on what you're writing about. Find a topic that sparks your interest and has a viable online audience. Begin by publishing and promoting great content. After slowly building up a following, start monetizing.

Blogger Blogger


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A blogger writes content on a blog, which is an online platform for publishing articles, stories, and other forms of written expression.