Top Jobs for Humanities Degree Majors

Not sure what to do with your humanities degree? Here are some of the most popular careers for graduates in the social sciences.

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10 Best Careers for Humanities Majors

Humanities, social sciences, liberal arts—this set of disciplines can go by many names. Covering a wide range of subjects—including philosophy, literature, art, history, and religion—the humanities are as diverse as the people who study them.

Whatever their specialization, humanities majors share a common passion: they love people and culture. They spend their college years studying the human experience—exploring, appreciating, and critiquing the many fascinating ways people express themselves. Along the way, they gain valuable skills in communication, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and argumentation. They learn to conduct research and present their findings in compelling ways. They practice examining issues from multiple perspectives, which helps them acknowledge different points of view with an open and curious mind.

Together, these qualities set humanities majors up for success in a wide range of careers. Let's take a look at a few of the most common ones.

This article will be covering the following careers:

Career Avg Salary Satisfaction Your Match
Set Designer $39k 3.8/5
Content Manager $49k 3.3/5
Psychiatric Aide $30k 3.0/5
Paralegal $58k 2.7/5
Teacher $68k 3.1/5
Public Relations Specialist $73k 3.0/5
Community Health Worker $48k 3.3/5
Advertising Sales Agent $67k 2.7/5
Exhibit Designer $63k 3.8/5
Technical Writer $81k 2.8/5
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1. Set Designer

Set designers use props, lighting, and more to make movies, plays, and TV shows come to life. There is no "set" degree required to become a set designer. Instead, helpful qualities include an awareness of how people think and feel, knowledge of history, art, and culture, and an aptitude for research. Humanities majors fit the bill—especially those who have an eye for aesthetics.

Set Designer Set Designer

Set Designer

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A set designer works in the field of theatre, film, and television, and is responsible for creating the visual world of a production.

2. Content Manager

All of those essays you wrote during your degree? They might come in handy. Content managers write, edit, update, and publish blog posts, web pages, and other digital content. They conduct research into their target audience and weave narratives that will attract them. Humanities majors possess many of the skills needed for the role—plus a love of human expression that helps them thrive in it.

Content Manager Content Manager

Content Manager

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A content manager is responsible for overseeing and managing the creation, development, and distribution of content for various platforms and channels.

3. Psychiatric Aide

Humanities majors graduate with a deep understanding of other people, and an open mind toward individual differences. This combination is an ideal match for a career as a psychiatric aide. In this front-line care position, they'll help patients suffering from a range of psychological issues function better in daily life.

Psychiatric Aide Psychiatric Aide

Psychiatric Aide

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A psychiatric aide provides direct care and support to individuals with mental health disorders or psychiatric conditions.

4. Paralegal

Whatever the specific program, all humanities degrees teach students to think critically and logically, and communicate their ideas clearly. These abilities can take them far—especially in the legal world. As paralegals, they'll assist lawyers with research, client relations, and everything in between. Fast-paced and intellectually stimulating, this can be a rewarding career for a humanities graduate.

Paralegal Paralegal


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A paralegal assists attorneys in their legal work.

5. Teacher

A high degree of social awareness, a philosophical mind, an ability to consider multiple perspectives—all of these qualities allow humanities majors to excel as teachers. Most will end up in high school classrooms, because this career path typically requires the least additional education. However, a job in special education, kindergarten, primary, or post-secondary school can be a fit too.

Teacher Teacher


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A teacher serves as a guide, mentor, and facilitator in the learning journey of students.

6. Public Relations Specialist

Great public relations professionals possess two key qualities: a knowledge of people and a knack for communication. These skilled workers manage the public image of companies, organizations, and individuals. They liaise with media, write speeches and press releases, manage crises, and more. With their talent for storytelling and their dedicated work ethic, humanities majors are an ideal match for the job.

Public Relations Specialist Public Relations Specialist

Public Relations Specialist

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A public relations specialist manages the public image and reputation of individuals, organizations, or brands.

7. Community Health Worker

Community health is a unique career area that combines social and medical knowledge. Professionals in this field work directly with individuals and associations to improve the wellbeing of the community. They conduct research to assess community health needs, help people access key resources, and supervise outreach programs.

Community Health Worker Community Health Worker

Community Health Worker

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A community health worker (CHW) acts as a liaison between community members and healthcare services.

8. Advertising Sales Agent

While technically an entry level position, many employers prefer to hire applicants with a university degree. Advertising sales agents sell advertising space for a living, which usually involves a great deal of client relations and sales presentations. Requiring excellent communication skills, creative thinking, and an understanding of people and communities, humanities majors are a natural fit.

Advertising Sales Agent Advertising Sales Agent

Advertising Sales Agent

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An advertising sales agent works in the field of marketing and advertising, specifically focused on selling advertising space or time to businesses and individuals.

9. Exhibit Designer

Do you have a degree in history, anthropology, or art history? A career in exhibit design might be for you. Exhibit designers work in museums, galleries, libraries, and other public spaces. They create engaging visual experiences for visitors, weaving their knowledge of history, art, or culture into engaging exhibits and displays.

Exhibit Designer Exhibit Designer

Exhibit Designer

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An exhibit designer is responsible for conceptualizing, designing, and implementing exhibitions and displays for museums, galleries, trade shows, and other public spaces.

10. Technical Writer

Technical writing is one of the best-paid jobs available to a writer. Creative yet methodical, this career requires a love of learning and a knack for communication—both of which humanities majors possess. Technical writers work in many industries. They translate complex scientific or technical information into clear, compelling texts that others can read and enjoy.

Technical Writer Technical Writer

Technical Writer

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A technical writer specializes in creating clear and concise documentation to explain complex technical information.