INFJ Careers

INFJs are clever, creative thinkers who thrive when they can exercise their insightfulness and independence to contribute to the well-being of humanity.

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Careers for INFJ Personalities

Artistic yet analytical, creative yet systematic—sound like you?

A special mix of introversion, intuition, feeling, and judging, INFJ is the rarest of all personality types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Characterizing only 1 to 3 percent of the population, people with this personality type are artistic, caring, and complex individuals.

INFJs place great importance on having things done in an orderly and systematic way, but also put a tremendous amount of faith into their instincts and intuitions. In the workplace, they tend to get along well with their coworkers, but they are most effective when able to work in an independent, self-directed fashion. At their core, INFJs care deeply about others, and are most satisfied in positions that allow them to make a real difference in people's lives. This special mix of social and analytical skills makes them ideally suited for art, science, and service-oriented professions.

This article will be covering the following careers:

Career Avg Salary Satisfaction Your Match
Family Practitioner $212k 3.5/5
Clinical Psychologist $89k 3.5/5
Musician $86k 4.1/5
Physician Assistant $119k 3.1/5
Special Education Teacher $56k 3.1/5
Copywriter $81k 3.2/5
Curator $64k 3.7/5
Chiropractor $81k 3.2/5
Graphic Designer $60k 3.4/5
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1. Family Practitioner

The INFJs' natural ability to be both empathetic and rigorous makes a career in family practice an ideal fit. In this role, INFJs will enjoy listening to their patients and providing thorough, individualized care that helps them lead healthier, happier lives. This is a career that allows INFJs to use their skills while creating positive change, making it both motivating and fulfilling.

Family Practitioner Family Practitioner

Family Practitioner

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A family practitioner is a medical doctor who specializes in providing primary healthcare to patients of all ages, from newborns to seniors.

2. Clinical Psychologist

A career in clinical psychology is a near perfect match for the intuitive, empathetic, and caring INFJ personality. In this role, INFJs can combine their rational side with their innate understanding of others' feelings and perspectives—all while contributing to the betterment of humankind. As psychologists, they will enjoy hearing their clients' unique stories and connecting with each of them in a meaningful way.

Clinical Psychologist Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

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A clinical psychologist specializes in diagnosing and treating psychological disorders.

3. Musician

INFJ musicians are creative and profound, seeking out the deeper expression, meaning, and message in the music they produce. While INFJs can be compelling performers, their true joy comes from the many hours spent alone, studying and experimenting with their craft. Whether their instrument of choice is piano or electric guitar, INFJs will take pride in bringing something beautiful and pleasing to those around them.

Musician Musician


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A musician engages in the art of creating, performing, and interpreting music.

4. Physician Assistant

As physician assistants, INFJs will enjoy using their intellect and social awareness to asses their patients' health, identify their ailments, and recommend treatments. Although this is a well-paid position, for an INFJ, the real payoff is the difference they can make in others' lives. Like many health care careers, this line of work provides INFJs with more than enough people interaction. To protect their own well-being, they will need to balance their busy work lives with quality alone time at home.

Physician Assistant Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant

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A physician assistant (PA) works under the supervision of a licensed physician.

5. Special Education Teacher

Special education teachers are patient, compassionate educators who provide specialized tools, instruction, and guidance to children and youth with a wide range of disabilities and special learning needs. Thoughtful and understanding, they usually work with their students one-on-one or in small group settings, making this an ideal fit for INFJs. People with this personality type will truly feel in their element as they help their students grow, develop, and thrive.

Special Education Teacher Special Education Teacher

Special Education Teacher

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A special education teacher works with students who have various learning disabilities, developmental delays, or physical disabilities.

6. Copywriter

INFJs are naturally original and add a lot of depth to their artistic pursuits; pursuing a creative profession such as a copywriting can be both attractive and rewarding. Copywriters work with words every day, adapting their tone, style, and language to meet their client's expectations. This career is all about being able to understand, connect with, and write for different audiences—a relatively solitary and intuitive line of work that INFJs can truly thrive in.

Copywriter Copywriter


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A copywriter creates written content for marketing and advertising purposes.

7. Curator

Curators are the masterminds behind any exhibit or gallery display; they direct the acquisition, exhibition, and storage of collections in zoos, botanical gardens, historical sites, and more. This is a great career option for INFJs, especially if they can find work in a museum or art gallery setting. In this role, INFJs will be able to let their intellectual or cultural side shine while exploring their deep appreciation for quality artistry.

Curator Curator


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A curator is responsible for the care, management, and interpretation of collections in museums, galleries, libraries, or other cultural institutions.

8. Chiropractor

INFJs are highly intuitive and empathetic individuals who enjoy peaceful and relaxing environments. All of these traits help them thrive in the field of alternative health. As chiropractors, they are warm and patient, sensitive to the specific needs and challenges of each of their patients. Not only will INFJs excel at this work; they'll also find it meaningful to be able to contribute to their patients' recovery and rehabilitation.

Chiropractor Chiropractor


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A chiropractor specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly those affecting the spine.

9. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are skilled visual communicators who create images that inspire, captivate, or inform consumers. They can be found in many industries—from book publishing to website creation—and in a wide array of work settings. INFJs, with their creative abilities and their natural awareness of how others think and feel, are very well-suited to this career. Securing a job in a smaller design agency, or working freelance, will be an ideal fit for this introverted personality type.

Graphic Designer Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

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A graphic designer creates visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers.