Top Jobs for Journalism Degree Majors

Not sure what to do with your journalism degree? Here are some of the most popular careers for graduates in your field.

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12 Careers for Journalism Majors

Are you fascinated by people and stories? Do you enjoy learning new things every day? Does writing come naturally to you?

If so, a degree in journalism might be for you. Journalism majors build a wide range of skills during their studies. They learn to gather data and information, use language to persuade and influence, and consider multiple perspectives on the same issue. They also develop strong reporting, editing, and interview abilities, critical thinking skills, and a knack for communication. These qualities set them up for success in a variety of careers—both within journalism and beyond.

Let's take a look at a few of the most common ones and whether they might be a fit for you.

This article will be covering the following careers:

Career Avg Salary Satisfaction Your Match
Journalist $41k 3.5/5
Public Relations Specialist $73k 3.0/5
Copywriter $81k 3.2/5
Product Manager $99k 3.4/5
Editor $76k 3.4/5
Tour Guide $26k 3.6/5
Court Reporter $62k 3.1/5
Technical Writer $81k 2.8/5
Social Media Manager $37k 3.2/5
Graphic Designer $60k 3.4/5
Marketing Manager $153k 3.2/5
Producer $102k 3.6/5
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1. Journalist

The obvious choice, many journalism students dream of one day working in their field. Journalists work for newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, and online platforms. They gather information, conduct interviews, and research stories of all kinds. Then, they synthesize their findings in clear, compelling language.

Journalist Journalist


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2. Public Relations Specialist

A public relations specialist is the mediator between a company or organization and the public. They write press releases, pitch media articles, arrange press conferences, and more. Requiring strong writing skills and an understanding of the media landscape, this is a natural fit for a journalism major.

Public Relations Specialist Public Relations Specialist

Public Relations Specialist

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A public relations specialist is someone who creates and maintains a favourable public image for their employer or client.

3. Copywriter

This growing career is ideally suited to anyone with training in journalism. Copywriters craft engaging text (or "copy") for marketing materials like brochures, newsletters, websites, and more. They use language to compel people to take action. For example, they might push readers to visit a website, buy a product, or follow a brand on social media.

Copywriter Copywriter


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4. Product Manager

A product manager determines the strategy behind a brand's product or product line. They identify what the product is, who it serves, and why. Then, they clearly communicate those values to the rest of the product team. Journalism graduates know how to conduct research and synthesize information—ideal qualities for this role.

Product Manager Product Manager

Product Manager

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A product manager is someone who is responsible for the strategy and blueprint for a product or product line.

5. Editor

Like journalists, editors are natural wordsmiths. They work in businesses such as magazines, book publishers, newspapers, and digital platforms. They can be involved in many different aspects of the publishing process. For example, an editor might brainstorm story ideas, manage freelance writers, write headlines or titles, and revise content.

Editor Editor


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An editor is a critical reader and a lover of words, whose job is to polish and refine a story or an article.

6. Tour Guide

Some students major in journalism because they want to see the world. They can explore that curiosity in a career as a tour guide. Tour guides help tourists and travelers make the most of their surroundings. They gather information about the region and share what they've learned in an engaging way. Journalism majors, with their storytelling and research skills, can thrive in this job.

Tour Guide Tour Guide

Tour Guide

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Tour guides work in the travel industry, giving guided tours to groups of visitors.

7. Court Reporter

Court reporters or "stenographers" are professional documenters. They attend legal events like trials and hearings and transcribe the proceedings word-for-word. Success in this job requires attention for detail and great listening skills—both of which journalist majors possess. Additional training is required to enter the career, but a degree in journalism is a perfect foundation.

Court Reporter Court Reporter

Court Reporter

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A court reporter uses a stenotype machine to capture exactly how everything is said during a court proceeding, and then delivers the transcripts of the proceedings.

8. Technical Writer

Technical writers play an important role in industries like science, engineering, and technology. They take complex information and "translate" it into language that is easy for others to understand. This usually involves a great deal of information gathering and writing—both of which journalism majors excel at.

Technical Writer Technical Writer

Technical Writer

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A technical writer is someone who transforms complex and technically difficult written material into clear and concise documentation that will be read by target audiences.

9. Social Media Manager

In today's digitally-connected world, social media managers are an essential part of any marketing team. They work with companies of all kinds to develop strategies and content for their social channels. This can include sourcing images, researching trends, writing copy, and more. A career combines a love of words with a love of people, this is a natural fit for a journalism major.

Social Media Manager Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

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A social media manager is someone who makes social media decisions for a company, and is considered the voice of a company on social and digital media sites.

10. Graphic Designer

Like journalists, graphic designers are master communicators. They use visual language to help brands and organizations share their stories with the world. Using software such as InDesign or Illustrator, graphic designers create everything from logos to books. Although additional training is needed, journalism graduates with an eye for design are made for the role.

Graphic Designer Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

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Are you looking for a creative career in the visual design field that involves collaborating with other creative people or directly with clients?

11. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager oversees the outreach and promotion strategy for a brand, company, or organization. They analyze industry trends and develop ideas for how to capitalize on them. Often, they support other teams, like public relations or social media staff. Involving a great deal of written and verbal communication, as well as research, this is a perfect career for a journalism major.

Marketing Manager Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

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12. Producer

Producers can have many duties depending on whether they work in film, radio, or TV. But at its core, this job is about finding a great story and gathering the resources to make it come to life. Journalism graduates, with their understanding of story structure, interviewing, and media production, can thrive in this role.

Producer Producer


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The question, What is a Producer?, is not an easy one to answer; primarily, because the term ‘producer’ is rather vague and confusing and it covers a particularly wide range of roles.