Jobs for people who like Critical Thinking

Discover careers that are good for people who like Critical Thinking.

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1. Hearing Officer

Hearing Officer Hearing Officer

Hearing Officer

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A hearing officer is also known as an administrative law judge.

2. Ophthalmologist

Ophthalmologist Ophthalmologist


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An ophthalmologist is a medical and surgical specialist that deals specifically with the structure, function, diseases, and treatment of the eye.

3. Judge

Judge Judge


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Judges are elected or appointed officials who act as impartial decision-makers in the pursuit of justice.

4. Pediatrician

Pediatrician Pediatrician


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Derived from the Greek words pais, meaning child, and iatros, which means doctor or healer, a pediatrician is a medical professional who specializes in providing medical care to children.

5. Principal

Principal Principal


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Do you have a love of teaching?

6. Neuropsychologist

Neuropsychologist Neuropsychologist


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The human brain is arguably the most complicated and astonishing organ in the human body, and disorders within the brain or nervous system can alter behaviour and cognitive function.

7. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist Psychiatrist


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Psychiatrists are physicians who evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients who are affected by temporary or chronic mental health issues.

8. Physicist

Physicist Physicist


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Physicists study the universe and everything in it, from the very small (quantum) to the very large (cosmology).

9. Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiologist Anesthesiologist


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If you think that you'd like the operating room environment versus doing rounds, and would be ok handling the occasional emergency, anesthesiology might be for you.

10. Molecular Biologist

Molecular Biologist Molecular Biologist

Molecular Biologist

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Molecular biology is a field of science that explores and studies the structures and functions of cells on a molecular level.

11. Chief Executive

Chief Executive Chief Executive

Chief Executive

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Some people are natural born leaders, innovators, and motivators.

12. Lawyer

Lawyer Lawyer


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Do you thrive at influencing and persuading others?

13. Gynecologist

Gynecologist Gynecologist


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A gynecologist is a medical doctor that specializes in women's reproductive systems.

14. Family Practitioner

Family Practitioner Family Practitioner

Family Practitioner

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A family practitioner specializes in providing medical care for the entire family.

15. Actuary

Actuary Actuary


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Actuaries come up with numbers for insurance companies, working with accountants and underwriters to see what insurance rates should be based on these risks and their financial outcomes.

16. Immunologist

Immunologist Immunologist


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An immunologist is a specialized medical doctor trained in managing problems related to the immune system, such as allergies and autoimmune diseases.