Jobs that require Leadership

A collection of careers that require strong leadership skills in order to be successful at.

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1. Chief Executive

Chief Executive Chief Executive

Chief Executive

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Some people are natural born leaders, innovators, and motivators.

2. Judge

Judge Judge


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Judges are elected or appointed officials who act as impartial decision-makers in the pursuit of justice.

3. Producer

Producer Producer


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The question, What is a Producer?, is not an easy one to answer; primarily, because the term ‘producer’ is rather vague and confusing and it covers a particularly wide range of roles.

4. Clergy

Clergy Clergy


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Do you want to be an active member of the church and help people with their spiritual well-being?

5. Conductor

Conductor Conductor


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When we think of a conductor, we probably conjure up the classic image of a leader standing in front of an ensemble of musical artists using a thin wooden baton to direct a performance.

6. Principal

Principal Principal


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Do you have a love of teaching?

7. Choreographer

Choreographer Choreographer


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Do you love movement and the art of dance?

8. Pilot

Pilot Pilot


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A pilot works in the aviation field, and is trained to operate aircraft in order to safely transport passengers or goods from one location to another.

9. Lawyer

Lawyer Lawyer


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Do you thrive at influencing and persuading others?

10. Management Consultant

Management Consultant Management Consultant

Management Consultant

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A management consultant is someone who proposes ways to improve an organization's efficiency.

11. Recruiter

Recruiter Recruiter


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A recruiter is someone who finds qualified, dedicated and invested candidates for a job vacancy, and works to meet the demands of both the employer and the employee.

12. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Entrepreneur


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An entrepreneur is an individual who has identified a need in the marketplace and has come up with an innovative business idea to fill that need.

13. Mayor

Mayor Mayor


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A mayor is the highest ranking municipal officer in a city or town.

14. Project Manager

Project Manager Project Manager

Project Manager

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A project manager is a motivated and effective leader who is accountable for the success or failure of a project.

15. Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager

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Would you like to work in the hospitality industry?