Top Jobs for Sociology Degree Majors

Not sure what to do with your sociology degree? Here are some of the most popular careers for graduates in your field.

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Top Careers for Sociology Majors

Are you curious about how society shapes the way we think and feel? Are you fascinated by the way people interact with one another?

Majoring in sociology is one of the most varied and interdisciplinary educational paths available. Over the course of this degree, sociology students interact with an expansive array of subjects, such as political science, philosophy, anthropology, linguistics, psychology, and more. They develop a deep understanding of a wide range of topics—including social systems, personal identity, and societal trends—and gain an even wider set of abilities—from data analysis to effective communication and everything in between.

Not surprisingly, the list of careers available to a sociology major incredibly diverse. With opportunities in social work, education, customer service, and many other fields, sociology graduates are in no short supply of professional options.

This article will be covering the following careers:

Career Avg Salary Satisfaction Your Match
Social Worker $63k 2.9/5
Family Social Worker $55k 2.8/5
Human Resources Manager $137k 3.1/5
Restaurant Manager $64k 2.8/5
Journalist $41k 3.5/5
Office Clerk $39k 2.6/5
Mental Health Counselor $41k 3.1/5
Probation Officer $63k 3.1/5
Recruiter $71k 2.8/5
Community Health Worker $48k 3.3/5
Market Research Analyst $76k 3.0/5
Sociologist $96k 3.4/5
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1. Social Worker

Social workers help individuals, families, communities, and other groups live better, more fulfilling lives. They interact with a diverse array of clients on a daily basis, and need to be able to understand where each person is coming from and what unique challenges they faces. Sociology graduates—with their knowledge of social structures, interpersonal relationships, and social inequality—are ideally suited to the job.

Social Worker Social Worker

Social Worker

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Social workers are dedicated to helping people overcome personal and societal obstacles by providing support, resources, and advocacy.

2. Family Social Worker

Over the course of their bachelor's degree, sociology students have the opportunity to explore a range of topics, including criminology, gender roles, sexuality, and more. Many of these subjects correspond to professional specializations, such as family social work. In this challenging and rewarding career, sociology majors will find satisfaction in helping parents and children restore harmony in their lives.

Family Social Worker Family Social Worker

Family Social Worker

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A family social worker works directly with individuals, families, and communities to address various social and emotional challenges they may be facing.

3. Human Resources Manager

Many sociology majors find a natural home in the world of human resources (HR). HR managers work within organizations of all sizes, and are responsible for hiring, training, and managing all of a company's employees. To fulfil their duties, they must be adept at communicating with anyone who steps through their office door, which can include people of different ages, genders, and ethnicities than themselves. Sociology graduates, with their awareness of these diverse identities, are made for this important, personable career.

Human Resources Manager Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

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A human resources manager is responsible for overseeing various aspects of an organization's human resources department.

4. Restaurant Manager

It may not be the most obvious career choice, but sociology majors can make excellent restaurant managers. With a nuanced understanding of people and groups, sociology graduates in the hospitality industry are especially adept at anticipating their customers' needs. They also know how to keep their staff happy, which enables them to ensure all of the servers, hosts, and cooks in their restaurant have what they need to work as quickly and effectively as possible.

Restaurant Manager Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager

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A restaurant manager oversees the daily operations of a restaurant, ensuring efficient and effective functioning in all areas.

5. Journalist

Over the course of their degree, sociology majors learn to master the written word. But they don't just become strong communicators; they also gain a great deal of knowledge about important societal, political, and cultural issues. Together, all of these qualities prepare them for a successful career in journalism. In this fast-paced and intellectually stimulating role, they will enjoy researching story ideas, interviewing experts, and weaving together engaging, socially relevant narratives.

Journalist Journalist


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A journalist investigates, gathers, and reports news and information to the public through various media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, television, radio, and online platforms.

6. Office Clerk

Among other skills, sociology students develop excellent organizational and communication abilities over the course of their degree. They make sharp and sociable office clerks, logging missed calls, filing documents, and scheduling appointments with efficiency and ease. In this varied role, they'll have a chance to try their hand at a range of tasks: data processing, bookkeeping, receptionist work, and more. Detail-oriented sociology graduates will take pride in this fast-paced career.

Office Clerk Office Clerk

Office Clerk

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An office clerk is responsible for performing various clerical tasks to support the smooth operation of an office environment.

7. Mental Health Counselor

Many students enter their sociology degree because of a deep-rooted interest in people and a desire to strive for a better, more inclusive society. For this reason, pursuing a career in the counseling industry can be incredibly rewarding. Mental health counselors help patients suffering from a variety of emotional, social, and psychological issues to improve their relationships and daily functioning. Although this profession requires a master's degree in counseling, obtaining a bachelor's in sociology is a perfect place to start.

Mental Health Counselor Mental Health Counselor

Mental Health Counselor

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A mental health counselor provides therapeutic services to individuals, couples, families, or groups experiencing mental health challenges or emotional difficulties.

8. Probation Officer

Probation offers work in conjunction with the legal system, evaluating criminal offenders and determining the best course of treatment, providing them with resources for rehabilitation, and monitoring their progress as they attempt to reintegrate into society. While not a career for the feint of heart, life as a probation officer can be intellectually engaging and morally rewarding. Sociology degree graduates, with their knowledge of criminology and human psychology, are ideally situated to pursue this challenging and meaningful profession.

Probation Officer Probation Officer

Probation Officer

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A probation officer plays an important role in the criminal justice system by supervising individuals who have been placed on probation as an alternative to incarceration or as part of their sentence.

9. Recruiter

Recruiters, or "staffing recruiters", help bridge the gap between employers and job seekers. They work with companies and individuals of all kinds to determine the best possible candidate for a given position. Success in this field requires many things, but among the most important is a deep understanding of people and group dynamics—both of which sociology majors possess.

Recruiter Recruiter


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A recruiter is responsible for sourcing, identifying, and hiring qualified candidates for job openings within an organization.

10. Community Health Worker

For sociology majors with an interest in entering the medical field, a career in community health is a perfect fit. To enter this profession, they will need to pursue additional education, but, for the right person, the effort will be worth it. Community health workers work with individuals and groups who are typically underserved by the medical system to access the care they need. This can include immigrants, ethnic minorities, individuals who are uninsured, and other marginalized groups. Because of the diversity of the clients that community health workers serve, a high degree of social and cultural awareness is a must in this career. Sociology majors are not only up for the challenge; they thrive in it.

Community Health Worker Community Health Worker

Community Health Worker

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A community health worker (CHW) acts as a liaison between community members and healthcare services.

11. Market Research Analyst

Market research offers sociology majors a corporate career option that many will find fulfilling and engaging. In this fast-paced and ever-changing profession, they'll be able to put their research abilities, communication skills, and knowledge of societal trends to use. Market research analysts work with companies in a wide variety of industries. Drawing on consumer behavior and market data, they provide clients with advice on what products to sell, how to promote them, and which customers to target.

Market Research Analyst Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analyst

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A market research analyst specializes in studying market conditions to identify potential sales opportunities for a product or service.

12. Sociologist

Last but not least, some sociology majors choose to continue their studies rather than enter the work force. With a PhD in sociology, many find mentally stimulating and creatively rewarding careers within academia. Professional sociologists can be found in most of the world's top universities and colleges, conducting academic research, publishing books and journal articles, and helping students discover the wonders of their favourite subject.

Sociologist Sociologist


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A sociologist studies and analyzes human society, social behavior, and the intricate relationships that shape the way individuals interact with one another and their environment.