What is a Tightrope Walker?

A tightrope walker is someone who walks on a thin rope or wire typically at a great height, and will train for years using mechanics and physics to safely develop his or her routine. The art of 'rope dancing' goes back to first century China and ancient Egypt, and now in modern times has developed into several different forms.

A Tightrope Walker is someone who walks on a thin rope or wire typically at a great height.

Tightwire -
is the art of walking along a tensioned wire between two points, and can be done using only one's body to maintain balance or by balancing with a prop like a pole or umbrella.

Highwire -
is done in the same way but at a much greater height, usually over twenty feet.

Skywalking -
takes place outdoors, Niagara Falls being an example, or it can be done between skyscrapers in cities.

Slackwire -
is very different, where the wire's tension is mainly provided by the performer and the props, and this provides the opportunity to bounce on the wire or rope like a long and narrow trampoline, perfect for juggling, clowning, and sword fights. Many circus schools offer training as well as advanced skills such as cycling on tightropes.

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