Jobs for people who need Recognition

A collection of careers perfectly suited to people who like being recognized for the work they do.

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1. Orthodontist

Orthodontist Orthodontist


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An orthodontist is a dentist who has chosen to further their studies in order to have specialized knowledge in improving or correcting the misalignment of people's jaws and teeth.

2. Family Practitioner

Family Practitioner Family Practitioner

Family Practitioner

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A family practitioner specializes in providing medical care for the entire family.

3. Gynecologist

Gynecologist Gynecologist


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A gynecologist treats the overall health of their female patients, treating problems and diseases of the female reproductive system such as breast and hormonal problems, urinary tract and pelvic disorders, and cancer of the cervix.

4. Chief Executive

Chief Executive Chief Executive

Chief Executive

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Some people are natural born leaders, innovators, and motivators.

5. Neurologist

Neurologist Neurologist


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A neurologist is a medical doctor who specializes in treating diseases that affect the human nervous system.

6. Pediatrician

Pediatrician Pediatrician


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Derived from the Greek words pais, meaning child, and iatros, which means doctor or healer, a pediatrician is a medical professional who specializes in providing medical care to children.

7. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist Psychiatrist


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The field of psychiatry involves the treatment of mental disorders, and psychiatrists are trained physicians who evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients who are affected by temporary or chronic mental health issues.

8. Immunologist

Immunologist Immunologist


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An immunologist is a specialized medical doctor trained in managing problems related to the immune system, such as allergies and autoimmune diseases.

9. Internist

Internist Internist


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An internist is a physician, or a 'doctor of internal medicine', who applies scientific knowledge and clinical expertise in order to diagnose, treat, and practice compassionate care for adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness.

10. Film Director

Film Director Film Director

Film Director

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Are you creative, a visual storyteller, and a great problem solver?

11. Judge

Judge Judge


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Judges are elected or appointed officials who act as impartial decision-makers in the pursuit of justice.

12. Sports Medicine Physician

Sports Medicine Physician Sports Medicine Physician

Sports Medicine Physician

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A sports medicine physician is a doctor who specializes in taking care of people who have sports injuries.

13. Surgeon

Surgeon Surgeon


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A surgeon is able to remove diseased tissue or organs, repair body systems, or replace diseased organs with transplants.

14. Lawyer

Lawyer Lawyer


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Do you thrive at influencing and persuading others?

15. Physicist

Physicist Physicist


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Physicists study the universe and everything in it, from the very small (quantum) to the very large (cosmology).