Careers For ESFP Personalities

Extrovert, sensing, feeling, and perception are the four words that make up ESFP - one of the 16 psychological types that are used in the publications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. ESFPs account for about nine percent of the population. These individuals are spontaneous, optimistic, and love to have fun. Their exuberance and enthusiasm draw others to them. For the ESFP, the entire world is a stage, and they love to be the centre of attention and perform for people. They would love nothing more than for life to be a continual party, in which they play the role of the fun-loving host. They seldom plan ahead, trusting their ability to respond in the moment and deal effectively with whatever presents itself. They dislike structure and routine and will generally find ways to bend the rules.

In the workplace, ESFPs thrive on change and new ideas, and loathe repetitive and strictly defined tasks. They do everything they can to pump energy and fun into the day-to-day work that needs to be done. ESFPs are great at noticing others' moods, and there are few personality types better at preventing conflict and encouraging relaxed, enjoyable workplaces.

Here are Sokanu's Best Careers for ESFPs ~

A list of 9 careers Updated July 19, 2016

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