What is a Transit Police Officer?

A transit police officer is a police officer that specializes in maintaining order and balance on any transportation system. Whether they work for a freight company, railroad, bus line, subway, or other form of transportation, transit officers keep the people and property on these systems safe. These officers are responsible for responding to and investigating crimes that occur in these specific environments. They are the people that make sure passengers get from point A to point B safely and securely.

Some of the crimes transit police and railroad police investigate include trespassing on the right-of-way of a railroad, assaults against passengers, tagging of graffiti on railroad rolling stock and buses or bus stops, pickpocketing, ticket fraud, robbery and theft of personal belongings, baggage or freight, and drug dealing at transit stations.

What does a Transit Police Officer do?

Transit Police Officers keep the public safe on subways and on any other transportation system.

Transit police officers are responsible for keeping the public safe on subways and other railroad property. They must be able to remove people in violation of the laws of these public transportation and freight carrying systems, including people who are stealing or trespassing on the property. Transit police officers must also write reports that give details of complaints they were called to. These reports must be very in-depth and give an accurate account of what happened during the call.

Patrolling rail yards and public transportation systems to prevent mishaps is another important job of transit police officers. If they see any suspicious activity, they may be required to ask individuals for proper credentials proving they are allowed in secured or unsecured areas. And if necessary, the officer is required to apprehend the individual.

Investigation is a large part of the transit law enforcement career. Thefts of passengers’ belongings and valuables, loss of items, damage to transportation system property or passenger property, and all other crimes committed on the rail system must be investigated thoroughly and described accurately in a transit police officer’s report.

Whether a transit police officer is investigating a crime, protecting the shipments that are coming in on a freight line, or responding to a complaint made by a passenger on a travel line, the priority of an officer is to maintain a high quality of order on the transportation system or freight company property. Transit police officers are crucial for safe transport and transportation on these systems.

Are you suited to be a transit police officer?

Transit police officers have distinct personalities. They tend to be enterprising individuals, which means they’re adventurous, ambitious, assertive, extroverted, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, and optimistic. They are dominant, persuasive, and motivational. Some of them are also realistic, meaning they’re independent, stable, persistent, genuine, practical, and thrifty.

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What is the workplace of a Transit Police Officer like?

A transit police officer is a specialized agent employed by a railroad, bus or other transit company who investigates crimes committed against the company or its passengers; handling such crimes as trespassing, assault, robbery, ticket fraud and drug dealing. Some transit police officers work directly for transit companies, while others are part of a special unit of the local police force and have all the powers and responsibilities of non-transit officers.

Transit Police Officers are also known as:
Transit System Police Officer Transit Officer Transit Law Enforcement Officer