Top Jobs for Business Degree Majors

Not sure what to do with your business degree? Here are some of the most popular careers for graduates in your field.

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Best Careers for Business Majors

Business graduates are sought-after by hiring managers worldwide. Armed with a broad knowledge of topics such as finance, markets, business strategy, and more, students in this major learn to work collaboratively and competitively. They also develop skills in data analysis, writing, research, decision-making, and public speaking. Most finish their studies with a deep understanding of how businesses operate, what incentivizes consumers to make spending decisions, and how to adapt their communication style to appeal to different audiences.

All of these qualities—combined with a dedicated work ethic and a forward-thinking mindset—set business graduates up for success in a wide array of careers. Let's take a look at a few of the most common ones, and whether they might be a fit for you.

This article will be covering the following careers:

Career Avg Salary Satisfaction Your Match
Entrepreneur $83k 4.0/5
Digital Marketing Specialist $47k 3.1/5
Accountant $84k 2.6/5
Human Resources Manager $137k 3.1/5
Consultant $81k 3.3/5
Sales Manager $142k 2.8/5
Restaurant Manager $64k 2.8/5
Operations Manager $115k 3.1/5
Education Administrator $58k 3.3/5
Business Analyst $101k 3.0/5
Marketing Manager $153k 3.2/5
Photographer $48k 4.0/5
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1. Entrepreneur

Many business majors enter the field with the goal of starting their own enterprise one day. For the right person, this can be an incredibly rewarding option—both intellectually and financially. Entrepreneurs are innovative visionaries who bring their business ideas to life. They can be found in a wide range of industries, at the head of booming restaurants, marketing firms, tech startups, and more.

Entrepreneur Entrepreneur


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An entrepreneur is an individual who takes on financial risks in order to create and manage a business venture with the aim of achieving profit and growth.

2. Digital Marketing Specialist

The art of promotion is one the most valuable skills business students learn over the course of their degree. They can truly thrive as digital marketing specialists, a job that allows them to put the ideas they mastered during their marketing courses to the test. In this role, they'll promote a company's brand, products, or services online through social media, search engine optimization, web analytics, and other techniques.

Digital Marketing Specialist Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist

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A digital marketing specialist specializes in developing and implementing online marketing strategies to promote products, services, or brands.

3. Accountant

Over the course of their studies, business majors develop excellent analytical abilities and a high level of numeracy. They also learn to read and interpret financial data, synthesize their findings, and create clear, compelling reports that make complex concepts easier for others to understand. As accountants, they can apply all of these skills to help businesses of all kinds manage their finances more effectively and accurately.

Accountant Accountant


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An accountant manages and analyzes financial records, prepares financial statements, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

4. Human Resources Manager

Most business majors graduate with at least one human resources (HR) course under their belt. With their knowledge of organizational behaviour and their knack for communication, they tend to excel in HR positions. In a management role, they'll not only be responsible for ensuring that a company's hiring and training processes are equitable and efficient, they'll also oversee a team of talented HR personnel. This is a people-oriented role, ideally suited to a highly extraverted business graduate.

Human Resources Manager Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

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A human resources manager is responsible for overseeing various aspects of an organization's human resources department.

5. Consultant

Not everyone has the drive, creativity, and critical thinking skills needed to succeed as a consultant, but those who do will enjoy this varied and intellectually challenging career. Consultants provide expert guidance to businesses and other organizations to help them solve problems, improve operations, and achieve their goals. Their duties can be quite different from client to client, which makes business graduates—with their broad organizational knowledge and diverse skill set—strong candidates for the role.

Consultant Consultant


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A consultant provides expert advice, guidance, and solutions to individuals, organizations, or businesses seeking assistance in specific areas.

6. Sales Manager

Business and Business Management and Administration are the two most common degrees held by sales managers. This isn't surprising, given that the qualities required to succeed in this line of work are almost identical to those needed to complete a BBus: excellent communication skills; a strong understanding of customers, markets, and economics; fluency with numbers and financial data; and a keen interest in promotion and profit.

Sales Manager Sales Manager

Sales Manager

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A sales manager is responsible for overseeing and leading a team of sales representatives to achieve revenue and sales goals for a company or organization.

7. Restaurant Manager

Enigmatic, hard-working, people-oriented, and strategic: these are just a few of the characteristics of a great restaurant manager. A key role in this fast-paced industry, the restaurant manager is the "face" of a cafe, lunch joint, or fine dining operation. Not only do they hire, train, and manage all of the restaurant's staff—including chefs, servers, and hostesses—they also handle ordering supplies and balancing the budget. Business majors, with their unique mix of social awareness and business knowledge, are perfectly suited to the job.

Restaurant Manager Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager

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A restaurant manager oversees the daily operations of a restaurant, ensuring efficient and effective functioning in all areas.

8. Operations Manager

Operations management is a wide-ranging field that touches on almost every aspect of a business's function. These professionals oversee and coordinate all aspects of a company's supply chain and production logistics to ensure its products and services are delivered in a timely, safe, and cost efficient manner. The position involves a blend of people skills, strategizing, data analysis, and budgeting—all of which business majors possess.

Operations Manager Operations Manager

Operations Manager

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An operations manager is a key leadership role within an organization responsible for overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations of a business.

9. Education Administrator

Education administrators are the organized, multitalented individuals who keep schools running smoothly. They work in all levels of education—from kindergarten to university—and complete a wide array of duties, including budget management, marketing and recruitment, planning and policy making, and more. Business graduates have the training and abilities needed to excel in all of these areas. For those who are passionate about education, this is an ideal fit.

Education Administrator Education Administrator

Education Administrator

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Education administrators are responsible for managing and overseeing educational institutions, ensuring that they operate efficiently and effectively.

10. Business Analyst

Business analysts straddle the worlds of business and IT. These critical thinkers work with organizations of all kinds to improve their finances and operational efficiency. There are a number of different aspects to the job, including meeting with clients to discuss their challenges, analyzing financial data, generating new strategies for success, and acting as a liaison between different departments. Business majors—with their numerical skills, problem-solving abilities, and communication training—are a natural fit.

Business Analyst Business Analyst

Business Analyst

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A business analyst helps to bridge the gap between business needs and technological solutions within an organization.

11. Marketing Manager

For business students with a go-getter attitude and a passion for promotion, a career in marketing can be ideal. In a managerial position, they'll have the opportunity to take charge of a business's marketing efforts, including its advertising strategy, publicity push, community outreach, and more. Like many of the careers on this list, this profession is both social and financial in scope. Marketing managers engage with their company's audience, collaborate with sales and marketing staff, and maintain a healthy marketing budget.

Marketing Manager Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

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A marketing manager is responsible for planning, implementing, and overseeing marketing strategies to promote a company's products or services.

12. Photographer

A corporate career is not the only option available to business graduates. Creative careers, such as photography, offer an alternative path to success. A large number of photographers are self-employed, working on a freelance basis to shoot wedding photos, family portraits, fashion shoots, and more. Any eye for aesthetics is an obvious must, but so is a strong basis in finance, marketing, and client relations.

Photographer Photographer


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A photographer captures and creates images using a camera.