What is a Computer Hardware Engineer?

Do you have an interest in computer systems as well as an interest in computer programming and engineering? You may want to look at having a career as a computer hardware engineer!

Computer hardware engineers help to accelerate new computer technology by creating advancements in computer hardware. They develop computer systems and equipment such as circuit boards, routers, processors, and memory devices.

What does a Computer Hardware Engineer do?

Computer hardware engineers analyze complex equipment to determine the best way to improve it, and design new types of information technology devices.

Two computer hardware engineers testing computer equipment.

They identify problems in computer hardware, and develop/test possible solutions. They also explore the best way to implement the new changes.

Computer hardware engineers often work together with software engineers, since both are often connected to the development of certain products. For example, developing a mobile phone requires both hardware and software engineering skills.

Hardware engineers also design non-computer devices, such as car parts or medical devices that are connected to the Internet and have hardware systems embedded in them.

Computer hardware engineer's duties include:

  • Designing computer hardware
  • Creating blueprints
  • Testing models of computer hardware
  • Analyzing test results
  • Modifying designs
  • Updating existing computer equipment
  • Working with software engineers
  • Overseeing manufacturing process

Are you suited to be a computer hardware engineer?

Computer hardware engineers have distinct personalities. They tend to be investigative individuals, which means they’re intellectual, introspective, and inquisitive. They are curious, methodical, rational, analytical, and logical. Some of them are also realistic, meaning they’re independent, stable, persistent, genuine, practical, and thrifty.

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What is the workplace of a Computer Hardware Engineer like?

Computer hardware engineers usually work in research laboratories that build and test various types of computer models. They often work on teams and must be able to communicate with other types of engineers as well as with non-technical team members.

Most work in high-tech manufacturing firms. Some work in computer systems design firms, research and development firms, or for the federal government.

Computer Hardware Engineers are also known as:
Hardware Engineer Computer Hardware and Network Engineer