What is an A&R Administrator?

A&R administrators work under the direction of the senior executives of a recording label, and must monitor all transactions to make sure that an album stays on budget.

They plan budgets for music artists, and handle any costs associated with compensating session musicians, producer's fees, recording and mastering fees, and studio rentals.

Not only are A&R administrators responsible for the clerical tasks and budget monitoring, but also include auditing previous expenditures, estimating future needs for the coming quarter, invoicing, designing cost proposals, acting as a liaison with the finance department, and maintaining information databases.

An A&R administrator looking at financial transactions.

Are you suited to be an a&r administrator?

A&R administrators have distinct personalities. They tend to be artistic individuals, which means they’re creative, intuitive, sensitive, articulate, and expressive. They are unstructured, original, nonconforming, and innovative. Some of them are also investigative, meaning they’re intellectual, introspective, and inquisitive.

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A&R Administrators are also known as:
Artist & Repertoire Administrator A&R Administration Representative